UDG Healthcare plc operates across three divisions: Ashfield, Sharp and Aquilant.

Each division is supported and strengthened by UDG Healthcare plc, which enables them to fulfil their promise to clients and, in turn, deliver success for shareholders.

Ashfield is an international healthcare services organisation providing solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, operating across two broad areas of activity: commercial & clinical services and communications.

Sharp is a global leader in contract packaging and clinical trial supply services to the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Operating from seven locations with nine state-of-the-art facilities across the US and Europe, Sharp’s employees deliver world-class services in the areas of commercial packaging, clinical services, packaging and label design, Interactive Response Technology (IRT) and serialisation solutions to support the growing needs of our global pharmaceutical clients.

Aquilant is a leading market services organisation specialising in medical and scientific products and services providing outsourced sales, marketing, distribution and engineering services to its clients.