An oncology virtual MSL increases the reach of scientific exchange and gains valuable insights 

Cost-effectively increased overall reach & frequency of scientific exchange while enabling field MSL team to focus on highest priorities.


  • Our client was looking for a comprehensive, scalable and innovative model to reach hyper-targeted HCPs. They wanted to share newly published guidelines for use of the product with KOLs and to capture insights to assist in medical strategy. 
  • The goal was to supplement the current field-based team of MSLs to provide national coverage. 


  • Ashfield recruited, trained and executed a virtual MSL in support of the targeted HCPs.

  • We tasked the virtual MSL with engaging and developing relationships between the client and HCPs.

We established meaningful KPIs:

  • Quantity and percent of meaningful discussions or feedback obtained

  • Quality of feedback/insights gained.


  • We gained insights on 97% of completed calls. 
  • 683 insights obtained versus the programme target of 100 insights. 
  • 98% of customers agreed to a follow up. 
  • Our cost-effective approach increased the reach and frequency of scientific exchange, while enabling field MSL team to focus on highest priorities.