In February 2018, Ashfield launched the Ashfield Solution, a new, agile, multi-channel commercial engagement model designed for maximum impact and to improve return on investment (ROI). This transformational new approach offers tailored targeting and a promotional mix that reflects local market dynamics, formulary changes, physician preferences and behaviours, and the different access situations relevant to our sales representatives. It also helps clients respond to market changes such as margin pressure, loss of exclusivity, new product data and new market entrants.

The Ashfield Solution is underpinned by the AshfieldGuide, a sophisticated sales analytics and planning platform. It uses advanced analytics capabilities such as curve modelling and segmentation techniques utilising best-in-class machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms. As a result, the Ashfield Solution maximises ROI through traditional representative interactions blended with inside sales representative, representative on-demand, field service representative, clinical nurses and medical science liaisons.

This pioneering solution delivers in-depth monthly reporting on ROI, call attainment and performance, allowing the continuous measurement of the impact of each type of engagement. This allows the promotional mix to be flexed at regular intervals to ensure maximum impact.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, flexibility and scalability underpinned by analytics are essential within the commercial sales model.

Julian Tompkins - President of Ashfield Commercial & Clinical