Ashfield is a global integrated healthcare services partner, operating across three business areas: Ashfield Advisory, Ashfield Engage and Ashfield Health. The division enables its healthcare clients to bring their products to market, supporting them through every stage of the product lifecycle, to improve the lives of patients. Ashfield offers a breadth of services, developed organically and through acquisition, across strategic consulting, benchmarking, commercialisation, customer engagement, events, marketing and communications.

With 7,000 employees, the company operates in 28 countries, delivering services in more than 50 countries across Europe, North America, South America and Asia. It works with more than 300 businesses, including all of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies. Its mission is to redefine client partnerships, enabling healthcare organisations to navigate complexity and create a clear path to reimagine health and improve lives.


Ashfield’s Business Units:
Ashfield Advisory - Carefully curated ecosystem of healthcare advisory and consulting businesses. We partner with clients individually, or collectively, to accelerate business performance by pairing strategic life sciences expertise with outstanding execution.
Ashfield Engage - As experts in strategic engagement, we create personalized, impactful experiences for all healthcare audiences, across all channels. Everything we do is underpinned by human connections, omnichannel engagement and adaptive analytics.
Ashfield Health - We are individuals who lead, catalysts who spark change — collectively, a dynamic health marketing and communications team. With brave creative, vital scientific expertise, data-driven truth and humanizing technology, our inspiring, life-changing solutions achieve new realities for our clients.