22 MAY 2018

UDG Healthcare plc Interim Report 2018

UDG Healthcare plc (“UDG Healthcare” or “Group”), a leading international healthcare services provider, announces its results for the six months to 31 March 2018, after a period of strong EPS growth.

Financial Results – six months to 31 March 2018


IFRS based







Increase on




increase on


Continuing operations          
Revenue 675.3 - 675.3 17 11
Net revenue2 568.7 - 568.7 17 11
Operating profit 2.4 65.0 67.4 15 11
Profit before tax 1.7 61.5 63.2 19 16
Diluted earnings
per share ("EPS") (cent)
0.44 19.75 20.19 24 21
Dividend per share (cent) 4.25 - 4.25 19 19
  31 March 2018 30 September 2017

31 March 2017

Net cash/(debt) ($’m) (46.6) (53.3) 91.1    
Net (debt)/cash/
annualised EBITDA 
(0.28) (0.32) 0.61    


Non-IFRS information

The Group reports certain financial measurements that are not required under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which represent the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) under which the Group reports. The Group believes that the presentation of these non-IFRS measurements provides useful supplemental information which, when viewed in conjunction with our IFRS financial information, provides investors with a more meaningful understanding of the underlying financial and operating performance of the Group and its divisions. These measurements are also used internally to evaluate the historical and planned future performance of the Group’s operations and to measure executive management’s performance based remuneration. Reference to these performance measurements throughout this report are to the adjusted measurements unless otherwise stated and these adjusted measurements are explained on pages 33-36.

1 Adjusted operating profit, profit before tax and diluted EPS are stated before the amortisation of acquired intangible assets ($15.2m, pre-tax), transaction costs ($1.0m, pre-tax) and exceptional charges primarily relating to Aquilant (operating charge $48.7m, pre-tax $45.2m and post-tax $36.6m).

2 Net revenue represents gross revenue adjusted for revenue associated with pass-through costs, for which the Group does not earn a margin.


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