We’re helping our communities, wherever we can.

At UDG, we have a long record of supporting local communities through hands-on projects and charitable fundraising. But now more than ever, we recognise that we’re in a position to help during these difficult times. Here are just a few of the things we’ve been up to.

We have been using our expertise to help:

  • Supporting the development of four potential COVID-19 treatments and two potential vaccines.
  • Continuing to package the no.1 fever-reducing drug used in US hospitals.
  • Supporting patients with our nurses and clinical educators through more virtual engagements.
  • Helping more patients leave hospital and giving them the care they need at home.
  • Used expertise in digital campaigns to launch #marksforheroes, a social media campaign to encourage people to give back to essential workers
  • In addition, our people have been providing extra hands-on support in local communities and conducting charitable fundraising:
  • Donating to foodbanks local to our operations.
  • Supporting #fuellingthefrontline through a donation to help with the provision of essential and nutritious meals to Frontline Heroes fighting COVID-19 in Ireland.
  • Giving extra support, samples and educational tools to healthcare professionals.
  • Donating PPE to hospitals where urgent supplies are needed.
  • Turning surplus raw materials into face shields for frontline health workers.

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