13 SEP 2021

AIFMD Notice to Employees

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC (CD&R), having marketed Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Fund X, L.P. (Fund X) and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Fund XI, L.P. (Fund XI) to investors in various EU states, must comply with aspects of the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. As a result, CD&R is required to provide certain information relating to its acquisition of UDG Healthcare Plc (now UDG Healthcare Limited) (the Company) on 16 August 2021.

The immediate shareholder of the Company is Nenelite Limited, which is entitled to exercise the voting rights in the Company. There is a chain of entities (comprising CD&R Hunter Holdings L.P., CD&R Ulysses Holdings L.P., CD&R Ulysses GP LLC, CD&R Ulysses L.P., CD&R Royal S.à r.l., CD&R Artemis Holdco 1 Limited, CD&R Artemis Holdco 2 Limited, CD&R Ulysses UK Holdco 2 Limited, Hunter Holdco 3 Limited, Hunter Holdco 4 Limited, Congachant Limited, Speyloft Limited) through which the voting rights are held. CD&R has not adopted any specific policy for communications relating to the Company and will make communications in accordance with applicable law. Pursuant to its internal policies, CD&R shall actively seek to avoid conflicts of interest and any conflicts of interest shall be handled in line with good business conduct and principles of equal treatment and transparency. CD&R has established safeguards to ensure that any agreements between it, its funds and the Company are concluded at arm’s length.

Information on CD&R’s strategic plans for the Company and impact on existing employment rights can be found in the letter dated 7 July 2021 from Nenelite Limited, published in Part II of the Revised Scheme Document issued in accordance with Rule 8 of the Irish Takeover Rules. This can be accessed online at:


13 September 2021

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