19 NOV 2020

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Melanie Duncan as UDG Healthcare’s first dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Officer.

Melanie has been with our Ashfield division in the US since 2015, where she’s HR Director for Ashfield Commercial and Patient Solutions. A passionate advocate for DEI, Melanie’s an active member of our DEI Champions Network and sits on several subcommittees to promote diversity initiatives locally.

“This is a much-needed role that will help us lead and implement our DEI commitment globally,” says Eimear Kenny, UDG Group Head of HR. “I’m delighted to see this fantastic opportunity being given to an internal candidate.

“Melanie will not just lead but further energise our DEI Champions Network across the organisation, ensuring we have diverse and capable talent that builds an inclusive culture.

“DEI is one of UDG’s pillars for future success and, as such, we continue to invest and stay committed to furthering DEI initiatives and programmes. Over the next 12 months in particular, we will see a step change through dedicated investments in talent, resources and leadership.”

Melanie, who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two young children, will report directly to Eimear and also work closely with Amar Urhekar, Global President of Ashfield Healthcare Communications and the Senior Executive Team representative for DEI.