Transforming our business and capitalising on the growth in the global healthcare market

Spending in the global drug market increased by 5.8% in 20161, driven by growth in new medicines across developed markets. Forecasted growth remains positive with the global pharmaceutical market expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2021.

New medicines being launched are increasingly specialty in nature and it is forecasted that specialty medicines’ share of global spending will increase to reach 35%* by 2021. Almost 50% of this spend is expected to be in the US and European markets where the Group primarily operates. Specialty drugs are more complex, requiring more patient touch points and greater levels of support thereby increasing the opportunities for the Group to support our healthcare clients.

We are uniquely positioned within our chosen markets to benefit from these global market trends. We offer our clients tailored solutions as they outsource to global partners, who offer flexibility, consistency and quality.

1 Medicines Use and Spending in the US, A review of 2016 and Outlook to 2021, QuintilesIMS Institute, May 2017.
2 Outlook for Global Medicines through 2021, Balancing Cost and Value, QuintilesIMS Institute, December 2016.

Divisional Specific Market Opportunities

Ashfield Advisory


  • Outsourcing levels expected to continue to increase
  • Therapeutic expertise requirements
  • Changing and increasingly complex healthcare market dynamics
  • Pricing a growing pressure point
  • Market access and life cycle product management increasingly important
Estimates Market Size* $2.9bn

Ashfield Communications


  • Continued incremental growth in outsourcing
  • Increasing number of molecules being developed and approved
  • Migration to digital and patient engagement services
  • Growth in orphan drug and rare diseases
Estimates Market Size* $7.3bn

Ashfield Commercial & Clinical


  • Outsourcing levels expected to continue to increase
  • Increasing demand for innovative models, multi-channel offerings and multi-country solutions
  • Growth of specialty products resulting in increased complexity and support requirements
  • Increasing importance of patient adherence
Estimated Market Size* $6.1bn

Sharp Commercial Packaging


  • Continued demand for outsourced solutions driven by a lack of in-house capabilities, the opportunity for efficiency gains and growth of specialty drugs
  • Increasing requirement to access specialist technology solutions and capabilities
  • Clients increasingly seeking strategic partnerships
US & EU Estimated Market Size* $5bn-7bn

Sharp Clinical Services


  • Continued growth in outsourcing
  • Demand for end-to-end proposition and integrated services
  • Growth of digital solutions including IRT services and ‘Track and Trace’

* Sources for market sizes: Derived from BCG, Deloitte and internal analysis.

US & EU Estimated Market Size* $6bn-8bn