Delivering growth by transforming our business

Our business model enables us to improve, transform and grow our business. By living our values of Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise and Energy, our people are at the heart of how we deliver shareholder value.

We create innovative and high quality service offerings to clients across global healthcare markets.

We are uniquely positioned to capitalise on the increasing trend for pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies to outsource specialist and non-core activities on an international basis.

We aim to leverage our existing market positions, offer innovative solutions and create demand for our specialist services, thereby driving higher levels of growth and profitability.

What we do

Outsourced healthcare services

The Group is organised and managed in three separate divisions, each providing a specific range of specialist services to healthcare companies.

How we do it

Delivering sustainable growth and achieving our goals


Profit and cash generation

All our divisions are focused on growing profits and maximising cash conversion from our operations to support the development and execution of our strategy.

Capital deployment

Disciplined financial management will allow for ongoing reinvestment in the business to sustain our growth model and capitalise on the opportunity to grow our services.

Shareholder value

Successful delivery of our strategy results in increased shareholder value which can be delivered through share price appreciation and dividend growth.

What makes us different

We have a set of core values which underpin how we operate and are at the heart of who we are:

  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Ingenuity
  • Expertise
  • Energy


What we do

Supported by positive global market healthcare trends

Our innovative mindset and service expertise places us at the core of major global market trends in the healthcare industry. We seek to capitalise on the increasing trend by pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies to outsource non-core and specialist activities on an international basis.

  • Global pharmaceutical market growth
  • Increasing total global volume use of medicines
  • Positive dynamic in new product approvals
  • Increasing specialty growth, driving complexity
  • Growing outsourcing trend

Outputs – Generating returns for our stakeholders


Our business model delivers long-term value for our shareholders through share price appreciation and our progressive dividend policy.

$31.3m Dividend to shareholders

We are committed to investing in our employees’ career development to ensure they can perform in their roles to the highest quality. We provide competitive rewards that are linked to performance as well as ongoing opportunities for further career development.

$511.1m Remuneration to employees

Our client focus is to be a leading international partner of choice so that together we can help improve the lives of patients.

30 We work with the Top 30 global pharmaceutical companies

Our service offering provides patients with insights and solutions to help improve their lives.

10,000+ We have supported over 10,000 patients through clinical programmes
Local Communities

In addition to selecting three official charity organisations every year we partner with a significant number of charity groups globally and proactively encourage our people to engage in volunteer work and fundraising activities that benefit our local communities.

3 Number of officially appointed charities supported

For us only the best is good enough. Quality underpins everything we say and everything we do. We set high standards, develop our people and deliver a quality service that will surpass our client’s expectations.


We build on trust through delivering on our promises. We work in Partnership with each other and with our clients. This way, we build relationships, based on trust, integrity and transparency.


We are committed to solving problems and resourceful thinking every day. We build solutions for our clients using creativity and innovation.


Together we have a wealth of knowledge and skills built over many years. Through strong business and financial leadership, we deliver excellence and enhance our client experience.


We achieve our client’s goals with imagination and passion. We are enthusiastic for success, always ensuring we engage, listen and work together to build the best solutions.