5S is a disciplined workplace organisation tool that aims to achieve a safe and orderly workplace regardless of whether you work in an office, production floor, warehouse or anywhere else. Sharp Belgium describe how 5S was introduced to their business during 2018.

5S - the results 

Production Department applying Lean Principles: 5S and Visual Management

The organisation of the workspace had less priority and was sometimes left to chance while improvement initiatives did not last because of a lack of structure. Generally, it was perceived as only intermittently important.

The project goal was to organise workspaces around the needs of operators according to the 5S principle and improve the engagement and communication. By starting a workgroup with operators on a weekly basis and by actively consulting the entire production department on a monthly basis, an optimal result was achieved. The status of each improvement action is visualised on the Plan-Do-Check-Act board in the canteen.

5S - the results 

Project deliverables

  • Prevent mistakes.
  • Reduce search times.
  • Minimize tools and supplies.
  • Reduce space requirements.
  • Improve safety.
  • Visualisation of processes.
  • Reduce frustration and thus improve performance.
  • Involvement of employees (for improvement proposals).
  • Involvement of management.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

The ‘good vibe’ is already clearly visible and the methodology will be considered as standard in setting up new workspaces.

Project Deliverables