Quality is at the core of what we do as a business. It is important that we provide the best quality service for our clients and their patients.

The strategy for quality is to establish generic controls and measures in all of the business units to underpin the development of a Quality focused compliance culture. This in turn allows for continuous improvement and streamlining of our business processes using the knowledge derived from measuring performance and looking at trends.


Our commitment to Quality is embodied in our Values. Values sum up what a business believes in and practices. Quality is one of UDG Healthcare’s core characteristics and it defines how we approach our business on a daily basis, it defines our people and it defines our standards.

The Quality Management System launched last year has been taken on by all of the new acquisitions post the integration period and progress against all six workstreams is tracked quarterly. Many of the business units have sought ISO9001 certification as an external validation of their Quality Management Systems.

All regulator audits carried out this year have been successful. The internal quality, compliance and safety audits are now combined in many cases in order to get a complete picture of the governance fundamentals of the businesses. The frequency and scope of the audits are based on a risk review of previous audit outcomes and the level of change in the business.

The UDG Quality Policy aligns the diverse businesses under one scalable system and gives a common language for the Quality Management System (QMS). Six fundamental Quality Processes are the basis for the QMS and are focused on ensuring there is clarity for all employees in what they do, how they do it and how they are trained. Integral to the QMS is measurement of our performance and using that information to inform management, to improve and to change for the better when needed.