We are committed to building a culture that creates a sustainable organisation. We do this through developing our people, contributing to the betterment of our communities and always being conscious of our impact on our environment. Most importantly, this is underpinned by the focus we place on ethical business behaviours by all our employees.


Identifying and developing talent is a key priority in our business. A structured annual talent and succession review process exists across all our businesses culminating in the SET annual talent review. This meeting provides an opportunity for the CEO and his team to review all leaders across the business and understand the talent pipeline and the actions underway in individual businesses. We continued to develop our Inspire curriculum delivering further leadership programs and launching a new ‘Helping Clients Succeed’ module for our client facing people across the globe. Five cohorts of participants attended these basecamps in the U.S. and Europe to enhance skills and provide an opportunity to network internally.

We also continued to implement initiatives for specialist businesses where demand for talent is high. Ashfield Healthcare Communications launched Career Pathways, a new initiative designed to accelerate the flow of talent through the organisation and increase retention of critical staff by supporting an individual’s career journey. Working closely with line managers, individuals can choose to Enrich, Elevate, Evolve or Explore their careers. Also in this business the Allegro programme now in its second year, provides the knowledge and practical expertise to develop core scientific, technical and creative writing skills in a highly supportive environment. Coaching, feedback and a focus on individual strengths are central to the success of Allegro, contributing towards an outstanding employee experience, which was recognised this year when the team won the GOLD award in the ‘Employee Engagement – Learning & Development’ category at the prestigious U.K. Employee Experience Awards.

Focus on Culture

Our culture is key to our success and we want to engage our people through the way we conduct our business, rewarding talent, providing them with prospects to grow and develop and the opportunity to make a difference.

In this financial year, the focus on culture continues as we embed our values using activities such as our performance and development processes and the annual CEO awards.

During our annual talent review process we highlight not just the hard measures of success but also the cultural aspects recognising the importance of potential successors role modelling our values.

In 2019, we implemented a number of pulse check surveys across our businesses. These surveys are a good opportunity to get real time feedback from our employees about some of the important issues that matter to them and to build on the themes evidenced in our first global engagement survey conducted in late 2017. We are currently undertaking an analysis of the pulse survey results and will report on the findings in next year’s Annual Report.

Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality

At UDG Healthcare we recognise that people are critical to sustaining competitive advantage and long-term success. In 2019, we further increased our focus on diversity and inclusion, implementing a pragmatic programme aimed at continuing to increase awareness throughout the organisation.

Our global Diversity & Inclusion Champions Network, with support from Senior Leadership, continues to visibly and vocally support and drive initiatives within their business units, some of which included World Day for Cultural Diversity and Pride.

This year, our head office hosted students from the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities, and also announced an ongoing partnership with the University to provide internships for some of their students.

Ethical business behaviours

Our purpose and values are underpinned by our desire to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards in everything that we do. A key element in the control processes designed to support this is the UDG Compliance programme. In the past year this programme has been enhanced by an expansion of our in-house learning management system, Campus and a refresh of the Anti-Bribery and Corruption programme as well as significant improvements in the management and use of our IT assets such as laptops and mobile phones.

Culture is one of the biggest determinants of how employees behave. We expect all our employees to adhere to the highest standard of ethical behaviour and our Code of Conduct is the framework within which we set these standards for our employees. A culture of integrity and ethical behaviour is central to the UDG Healthcare’s Compliance programme and this is articulated clearly in our Code of Conduct.

In the past year we have invested in an upgrade of our online Compliance Centre in order to simplify access for all employees and to be able to include more material on compliance-related issues.

Human Rights & Anti-Slavery

Our business model is intended to fully comply with applicable human rights legislation in the countries in which we operate.

UDG Healthcare plc is completely opposed to slavery and human trafficking and will not knowingly support or conduct business with any organisation involved in such activities. A copy of our Anti-Modern Slavery Policy is available on our website. On an annual basis, our Quality and Compliance department reviews progress of all training on this Policy.

Living Our Values – celebrating role models across our business