As a business, we recognise and welcome the greater responsibility that comes with the scope and scale of UDG Healthcare and therefore consider our environmental performance a key pillar of our organisational sustainability.

The key principles that guide our sustainability efforts are:

Environmental Performance

UDG Healthcare is a growing business with an expanding geographical footprint, therefore our environmental performance remains a key pillar of our organisational sustainability. It is important to us to leave a world, for future generations, in which we have done a responsible job of protecting the environment. We are committed to identifying and controlling the environmental impact of our activities and services whilst continually improving our environmental performance. We have adopted a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives, to achieving these and to demonstrating that they have been achieved.

Environmental KPI programme

In response to our review of environmental risk we launched an Environmental KPI programme across the organisation. 

Our commitment to environmentally responsible operations is apparent throughout our organisation. In addition to our Environmental KPI programme our businesses have been proactive in implementing other local initiatives ranging from replacement of paper coffee cups with reusable cups to providing environmental education to our employees. In addition, this year two sites in the Aquilant business became accredited to the new ISO14001:2015 standard.

World Environment Day

Each year we recognise world environment day throughout our global business, this year’s theme was to reduce plastic use by taking the pledge at www.cleanseas.org/pledge. A communication was circulated to the global business on the day encouraging people to take the pledge to reduce plastic use.



The CDP is an investor led global disclosure system, that enables companies to measure and manage their environmental impacts. UDG Healthcare have supported and participated in this initiative for seven years. For CDP 2018, UDG Healthcare disclosed emissions and environmental data across the Group covering 13 countries. Incremental improvements in our data collection process increased the transparency and robustness of our corporate carbon footprint. The focus for 2019 will be the capturing and sharing of best practice across the business, and benchmarking our environmental performance against our peers.

In 2018 the CDP aligned their questionnaires with the TCFD recommendations.

UDG Healthcare discloses emissions and environmental data annually to the CDP.