As UDG Healthcare continues to grow and expand throughout the world we remain focused on our environmental performance.

In alignment with the Paris agreement we want to take ambitious environmental mitigation action and have committed to ongoing identification of environmental impacts of our activities whilst continually improving our environmental performance.

Environmental performance

Through Group reporting and governance, we continue to focus on high priority environmental issues and make progress against KPIs. Last year, we launched our Environmental KPI programme across the organisation to improve the quality and consistency of our environmental data, establish business specific environmental initiatives, and to deliver energy savings through reduced consumption and resource efficiency. This year we have improved the quality of our data, enhanced the transparency of environmental impact and have plans in place to expand on our KPI set for the coming year.

In addition to our KPI programme a number of location specific environmental improvements have been made. In March we installed a 250kWp roof mounted solar panel system at our Sharp Rhymney site, in an effort generate 15% of power for the site reducing our carbon emissions and costs in purchased power. We are delighted that this system is currently exceeding its 15% power generation. Further details can be found on page 45.

Other improvements include: installation of heat recovery units on some air handling units, foil packet recycling programs, LED lighting replacement and a full review of our packaging processes in the Sharp business in an effort to identify where we can make positive environmental changes to our packaging process.


The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) provides a globally recognised disclosure system that enables companies to measure and manage their environmental impacts. For CDP 2019, (based on 2018 data) UDG Healthcare disclosed emissions and environmental data across the Group covering all countries. We have seen great improvements in the quality of our data collection and have improved our reporting process.

Based on the detailed data submitted to the CDP, In January 2020 UDG Healthcare was awarded a B- score, exceeding the global average of C, as recognition for its actions to reduce emissions, mitigate climate risks and contribute to a low-carbon economy.

CPD Logo

Our CDP submission this year can be summarised as follows:


We reported on Scope 1 , Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.


This year we reported emissions across 14 countries compared to 13 countries reported last year.


Overall Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions decreased in 2018 by 7.33% when compared to 2017.


Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions decreased by 12% per unit of revenue when compared to 2017.