As a business, we recognise and welcome the greater responsibility that comes with the scope and scale of UDG Healthcare and therefore consider our environmental performance a key pillar of our organisational sustainability. Our aim is to develop, guide, coach and improve the business resulting in a culture that values and role models the highest environmental standards.

Every day we improve the lives of thousands of patients around the world and we want to ensure that these activities do not result in adverse environmental impacts. The key to our Environmental Sustainability commitment is that we proactively manage environmental aspects before they become impacts.


  • Understand our environmental impacts
  • Set annual environmental KPI’s
  • Adopt energy efficient technology
  • Disclose emissions and environmental data annually to the CDP

The key principles that guide our sustainability efforts are:

Awareness raising

Raising environmental awareness amongst employees and involving all in achieving the organisation’s environmental objectives. When awareness is enhanced, our employees understand how our environmental practice can affect and be affected by their duties and decisions.

Legal Requirements

Ensuring continued compliance with all applicable legal requirements.

Monitoring environmental aspects and Minimising Environmental Impact

Determining the impact of each business activity on the environment by completing environmental risk assessments and understanding and implementing recommendations identified in Environmental audits.

Environmental Objectives, Targets and KPIs

Setting realistic environmental targets, objectives, and meaningful KPIs to measure our performance. Our Environmental KPI’s and targets are set annually with this year’s target set to reduce energy and paper consumption.

Communicating Environmental Targets results

UDG Healthcare discloses emissions and environmental data annually to the CDP.

CDP 2017 was the strongest performance for UDG Healthcare in over six years of reporting, with scoring improvements across the main categories of Disclosure, Awareness, Management and Leadership.  In addition, we have improved consistency of the methodology used to calculate our fleet CO2 emissions. We are now standardising our measurement of CO2 using the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) emission factor calculation to express our fleet carbon footprint. We will continue to make further improvements in CDP 2018, as we embed sustainability targets and objectives into the business.

Understanding our customers Environmental compliance objectives

Understanding our customers’ compliance objectives for sustainability. We do this by consulting with them and understanding their priorities, through pre-qualification questionnaire completion and familiarising ourselves with their sustainability policies.