We have a clearly defined strategy to fulfil our purpose that creates value for, and brings benefits to, all our stakeholders.

Strategic Pillars

Our roadmap to achieving our strategy is built around three strategic pillars.


Developing and growing market leading positions


Transforming through people


Continuous improvement

Strategic objectives

Our five Strategic Objectives outlined below support the delivery of our strategic pillars, and provide clarity and direction on how we deliver our strategy and enable us to evaluate our progress.

Geographic and service growth

Strategic Linkage 1

We aim to expand our activities organically across our priority markets in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and supplement this growth by successfully acquiring and integrating complementary businesses, which strengthen our market positions.

Progress in 2020:

Completed three acquisitions over the past 12 months, one in Ashfield (Canale Communications Inc) and two in Sharp (Macungie and 25% of Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing).

Key Performance Indicators


North American Revenues

Client focus and commercial excellence

Strategic Linkage 1 3

Our high-quality, innovative, bespoke healthcare solutions ensure we are the partner of choice in an increasingly complex operating environment.

Progress in 2020:

There were multiple product launches by Sharp during FY2020. We provided medical information support for a Covid-19 antiviral clinical trial and we supported a number of Covid-related advisory projects.

Key Performance Indicators


Adjusted Net Operating Margin

Talent and people

Strategic Linkage 2

We focus on supporting the wellbeing and growth of our people through the provision of learning, more flexible working and a focus on wellbeing.

Progress in 2020:

We pivoted our training to virtual learning environments. We implemented specific wellbeing and diversity initiatives to support our people through a turbulent year.

Key Performance Indicators


Leaders who completed our values-based leadership programme

Quality and compliance

Strategic linkage 1 3

We enable our clients to outsource with confidence by exceeding their expectations, and provide the highest quality standards possible.

Progress in 2020:

The Group’s ‘AA’ rating in the MSCI ESG ratings assessment was reaffirmed in 2020. Our ESG rating by Sustainalytics is 17.5 (ranked 27th out of 483 healthcare companies).

Key Performance Indicators


Regulatory inspections at Ashfield & Sharp which were successful

Improve productivity

Strategic linkage 1 3

Our KPIs support the execution of our strategy and are important drivers of improved business performance over the short, medium and long term. We have a strong track record of efficient capital allocation and deploy capital in areas where we identify the greatest strategic benefit and shareholder returns.

Progress in 2020:

Net operating margin improved to 14.3%.

Key Performance Indicators


Return on Capital Employed