UDG Healthcare plc is a leading international partner of choice delivering commercial, clinical, communications and packaging services to the healthcare industry, employing almost 8,000 people with operations in 24 countries and delivering services in over 50 countries.

UDG Healthcare plc operates across three divisions: Ashfield, Sharp and Aquilant.  


Ashfield is a global leader in commercialisation services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, operating across two broad areas of activity: commercial and clinical services, and communications services. It focuses on supporting healthcare professionals and patients at all stages of the product life cycle. The division provides field and contact centre sales teams, healthcare communications, patient support, audit, advisory, medical information and event management services to over 300 healthcare companies in over 50 countries.


Sharp is a global leader in contract commercial packaging and clinical trial packaging services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, operating from state of the art facilities across the US and Europe.  Sharp is also a world leader in ’Track and Trace’ serialisation services, which will require all prescription drugs to have a unique serial code for authentication and traceability.


Aquilant is a leading provider of outsourced sales, marketing, distribution and engineering services to the medical and scientific sectors in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250.

  • Top 30 pharma companies are all customers
  • €943.1 million 2016 revenue
  • €104.2 million 2016 operating profit
  • 25+ years dividend growth
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02 May 2017

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