Aquilant embarks on value-added partnership with Plasma Surgical

Plasma Surgical is a global leader in plasma physics, based in the US with distribution in France, Germany, Austria and Netherlands and, with limited success, direct-to-market representation offered in the UK. Their incoming CEO opted to exit this model by inviting Aquilant and other distributors to provide a better solution.

Our approach was to understand the existing UK business and what their strategic ambitions were. Aquilant then positioned a long-term business plan to turn around their declining sales over the short term and showed how we would realise their strategic goals for them.

Aquilant has since become their business partner with a long-term distribution agreement and has already achieved profitable sales ahead of target, developed in-house service provision as an additional revenue stream and established Key Opinion Leader Panel and Training Centres to enhance overall value-add, building on our growing partnership.