Sharp’s clients regularly use temperature controlled packaging for the delivery of medicines and biologics as well as clinical trial shipments to doctors’ offices, hospitals and other distribution points. Maintaining the desired temperature is key to ensuring the safety of the product being shipped and meeting regulations.

Traditionally, temperature controlled packaging has been mostly polystyrene and gel pack systems, which are bulky and non-recyclable. Sharp decided to look at alternatives that meet the highest quality standards while reducing environmental impact.

Sharp found a solution to their challenge in the multi-use CRĒDO packaging solution (see image above). The CRĒDO CUBE™ multi-use packaging system is smaller and lighter than traditional polystyrene and gel pack systems as well as being 100% recyclable. As such, it cuts down on transport emissions, and reduces global warming potential by 75% and post-consumer waste by 95%. Clients receiving a CRĒDO CUBE™ will be able to send their packaging back to Sharp to be reused.

As part of the process, Sharp will return to pick up the CRĒDO CUBE™ 24 hours after delivery, saving clients the hassle of having to dispose of large and heavy single use packaging containers.

“By switching to CRĒDO CUBE™ we can increase overall client satisfaction by reducing product destruction costs as well as the quality costs associated with investigations and corrective actions that can result from temperature excursions,” notes Jeff Benedict, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development. “As a result of the extended duration available with CRĒDO CUBE™, we can offer clients Thursday or Friday shipments for delivery on Monday morning, still maintaining the desired temperature during transit. This was not always possible with prior shipping configurations.” 

Sharp is offering the package to new client contracts and believes some clients, where regulations allow, may opt to switch over to the CRĒDO system, helping Sharp reduce their environmental impact.