Over the past 15 years we have been moving from demand fulfilment to demand creation. This transition has been implemented through business strategy and acquisitions helping us to build, expand and grow our capabilities, territories and leadership positions.


Acquired Ashfield Healthcare in the UK, entering the contract sales market.


Acquired In2Focus, with Ashfield In2Focus becoming the UK’s No.1 Contract Sales Organisation.


Acquired Alliance in the US, gaining medical call centre capabilities and entry into the US market. Acquired packaging plants in Belgium and the Netherlands, and Procon in the UK, to enter the growing healthcare events market.


Acquired Sharp Corporation, with its state-of-the-art packaging facilities, in the US.


Acquired InforMed, adding global healthcare communications and market research to our portfolio, and WorldEvents, making us the world’s No.1 specialist provider of international healthcare meetings and events.


Acquired Pharmexx, adding true international reach and depth to our Contract Sales Organisation capability. Acquired Bilcare in the US and the UK, gaining additional clinical trial and supply chain packaging expertise. Moved to sole listing on London Stock Exchange (FTSE 250).


United Drug plc became UDG Healthcare plc.


KnowledgePoint360 becomes UDG Healthcare’s largest acquisition to date, making Ashfield a global market leader in healthcare communications. Acquired Galliard and Nyxeon, diversifying our healthcare communications portfolio to include scientific PR. Sold our 50% share in UniDrug Distribution Group.


Formalised joint venture with CMIC, creating CMIC Ashfield, delivering contract sales solutions in Japan. Invested in expansion of Sharp US facility. On 18 September 2015 UDG Healthcare announced an agreement to sell the United Drug Supply Chain businesses and MASTA to McKesson, subject to UDG Healthcare shareholder approval and competition authority clearance. At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company on 13 October 2015, shareholders authorised the directors to complete the disposal.

2016 onwards

United Drug Supply Chain/MASTA transaction completed on Friday 1 April 2016: the culmination of 15 years of strategic development by the Group. The deal exemplifies our strategy to focus on higher growth, higher margin international healthcare services businesses, and progresses the Group’s transformation to a more focused international healthcare services business. UDG Healthcare is now well positioned to develop and strengthen existing market positions through Ashfield, Aquilant and Sharp. 

UDG Healthcare acquires Pegasus, one of the most successful integrated healthcare communications consultancies in the UK. Pegasus joins Ashfield Healthcare Communications 19 May 2016. Pegasus, one of the most successful integrated healthcare communications consultancies in the UK, is acquired by the group. Pegasus joins Ashfield Healthcare Communications, which is part of UDG Healthcare’s Ashfield Commercial and Medical Services Division. 

STEM Marketing Limited acquired for up to £84m on 21 Oct 2016. STEM Marketing Limited is the leading global provider of commercial, marketing and medical audits to pharmaceutical companies and joins the Group’s Ashfield division.

In May 2017, UDG Healthcare announced the acquisition of Sellxpert, a German and Swiss contract sales outsourcing business, based in Speyer, Germany and Basel, Switzerland, respectively.